Commemorate Your Way

01 April 2022

The ANZAC spirit lives within us all. On 25 April this year, we’re encouraging all Australians to commemorate ANZAC Day a way that is meaningful to you.

You can attend an RSL service, light up the dawn at home, participate online, or take the opportunity to connect with your local community. 

However you choose to commemorate the day, remember the ANZAC Spirit our troops carried with them onto the shores of Gallipoli. As we listen to stories of their courage, ingenuity, mateship, humour, and endurance, take a moment to consider how these values have been passed down from old to young, for generations, and how we embrace them every day, particularly in times of crisis and hardship. 

Their legacy is why we light up the dawn, standing shoulder to shoulder with friends and family to honour those men and women who sacrificed for our nation. Here are just some of the ways you can commemorate them:  


What better way to ignite the ANZAC spirit and honour our Defence community than by attending your local RSL service? There are over 300 events being held around Queensland, and you can find your closest service here

This year, we are fortunate to be able to gather with our mates in person. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Sub Branch volunteers – who have been planning community events for months – we can pay our respects at dawn beside cenotaphs and memorials around Queensland, share memories over gunfire breakfasts, or attend a march with friends and family. 

ANZAC Day RSL Queensland


Whether you’re standing in your driveway or on your veranda at 6am on 25 April, or you’ve hung hand-painted signs on your fence and wreaths on your letterbox, commemorating at home lets you honour our veterans – past and present – in ways that mean the most to you and your family. 

Use #LightUpTheDawn and tag us on social to share how you marked this important day. 

commemorate at home this ANZAC Day


We understand that not everyone can attend a service in person on ANZAC Day. But no matter where you are – whether that is overseas, camping in regional Australia or isolating at home – you can still participate online.  

We will have a service available to download on our website just prior to ANZAC Day, and you can also watch coverage throughout the day on TV or online via ABC live stream. 

commemorate wherever you are this ANZAC Day


Carry on the ANZAC legacy of mateship in your own community on 25 April and throughout the year. Why not bake a batch of ANZAC biscuits to share at a local event, or bundle up a dozen for your neighbours and use it as an opportunity to check in with them over a cup of tea? 

Likewise, if your street is gathering to light up the dawn in their driveways, why not offer to stoke up the barbecue and cook a community gunfire breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast? 

commemorate ANZAC Day by baking biscuits


The ANZAC spirit lives on in us all, and on 25 April we invite you to honour our Defence community and commemorate in a way that is meaningful to you. On ANZAC Day, you can attend your local RSL ANZAC Day service, light up the dawn at home at 6am, participate online, or hear stories of inspirational Australians who embody the characteristics of the ANZAC spirit.


commemorate your way this ANZAC Day

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